God of War: Ascension

A few days ago, an image was leaked, hinting only the line “will vengeance bring redemption?” followed by the date 04.19.12, this kicked into overdrive rumours and speculation of what the image (below) was teasing, a new God of War game? Or was it something else entirely?

Many have awaited news of the next game in the series, however after the ending of God of war 3 (SPOILERS AHEAD!!!) in which we saw kratos make the ultimate sacrifice following his defeat of Zeus only to have his body be missing after the credits, replaced with a trail of blood leading off a cliff, many wondered if he had in fact survived his attempted suicide to take up arms against the being masquerading as Athena, however it seemed unlikely this was the case and that news of a sequel would ever come.

However today we were shown exactly what it was, and that was in fact a new entry in the God of War Franchise, God of War: Ascension, and I personally couldn’t be happier.

Today’s reveal came with some potential box art, along with a trailer (I will post the video at the end of the article) and by the sounds of it we will be following Kratos’ story before he became the god of war, before he murdered his family before and made his pledge to the god Ares.

A likely possibility is that this game will feature the events before he became the ‘Ghost of Sparta’ and was general of the Spartan army, evidence towards this theory came earlier today when the website was updated with the tag line “before he was a god, he was a man” hinting ever more towards the possibility of a pre-chains of Olympus storyline, but what does this mean for fans? And more importantly, how will it hold up against the existing games?

Personally I am both excited and nervous about this, I love the god of war games, but found the PSP titles God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta lacking in some way. Perhaps it was simply the fact the stories focused on other quests rather than Kratos’ mission to destroy the gods seen in the numbered titles, whilst the PSP titles were still entertaining, for me the storylines were not as exciting as the main games. Will this game suffer the same flaw? Who knows!

How will Sony keep the franchise fresh and original and what new features will they include?

I would like to see the return of first person QTE’s (Quick Time Events) like in God of War 3, the ending QTE for the Poseidon boss fight was one of my favourites throughout the franchise, seeing the brutality from the perspective of the victim was a fresh and exciting addition, the likes of which I personally hadn’t seen in a game before, and I loved it. This being a god of war game, we can expect it to feature heavily on gore and brutal finishing moves, however, I think a good addition would be more of them, and maybe context specific finishers. What I mean by this is, if an enemy has been downed near a fountain for example, and the big circle prompt is flashing above their head, why not use that piece of environment within the execution? I’m sure a character as resourceful as Kratos could think of at least a dozen ways to use a fountain effectively, the guy uses a severed head as a weapon after all! Maybe a fountain is a bad example, but I hope you understand what I mean.

I’m sure Sony Santa Monica will think of exciting new additions, perhaps even some type of Multiplayer.

In the next few months I’m sure we will be getting a lot more information about the God of War: Ascension, and I will post all I can up here, so be sure to check back!

God of War Ascension Official Teaser Trailer:

What would you like to see in the next installment? Let me know what you think and any other opinions you have in the comments!


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