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Hulk… Smash!

Avengers Assemble

Last night I went to see the Avengers movie, and trust me, it doesn’t disappoint.

This movie has been long awaited, since it was first hinted at in the after credits scene in the Incredible Hulk way back in 2008 with simply the line “we’re putting a team together” put forward by tony stark (Robert Downey Jr).

Then came the teaser images, and finally, we got a trailer in 2011 at the end of Captain America, and expectations were high. Slowly over the course of a year, we were all drip fed an array of images and teaser trailers until finally, April 26th 2012 came, and the Avengers assembled on the big screen.

Within minutes of the film starting the entire audience was hooked, we are presented with a brief introduction to Shield commander, Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) and their experiments on an item know as the Tesseract, known as the cosmic cube in the comics, then, all hell broke loose as Loki (Tom Hiddleston), brother of Thor, entered the equation. Then for the next two hours, it was pure geek heaven.

The plot of the movie is a simple one, the avengers must overcome their own egos and prejudices and learn to fight together for the greater good of mankind, and to put an end to Loki’s plans.

Before seeing the movie I did re-watch all the previous marvel movies relevant to the Avengers, starting with Iron Man. And I’m glad I did, many of the finer points of these films are tied together within The Avengers, and its nice to have a bit of background knowledge of past events going into the movie and to understand why some things happened. An example of this is in Captain America the cube is dropped and briefly we see space, or what appears to be space, an event which is never really explained, however after seeing Avengers Assemble, it makes perfect sense now.

The movie never assumes you know all the characters back stories, I was pretty unfamiliar with both ‘Black Widow’ (Scarlett Johansson) and ‘Hawkeye’ (Jeremy Renner) however a character history is provided, however brief it may be.



What surprised me most about this film was not the amount of action, which was always going to be a key part of this movie, it was the amount of humour.

There were some genuinely funny scenes in the film, and some very funny back and fourths between key characters, something I was not expecting to see.

Another surprise was Mark Ruffalo, who did an amazing job portraying the Hulk/Bruce Banner, I was expecting to be disappointed at 
the change of actor, however his performance was near perfect, it was clear this was a man who was constantly battling the rage inside him, and who could snap at any moment.

If I had to pick one criticism, it would be that the film was not long enough, with so many characters it felt as if not enough time was spent on each, Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, was rarely seen to be doing anything other than throwing his hammer about, and whilst that was in itself very cool, it would have been nice to see a little more of his ‘human’ nature come through like we saw in the Thor movie.

Also Captain America (Chris Evans) didn’t seem to care too much about being revived almost 60 years after the events of his film, he wasn’t to bothered that the entire world had changed, or that he never made it to his ‘date’. It is not a big criticism, but it’s the only one I have.

All in all this movie will please near on everyone, fans of the comic series will definitely not be disappointed, fans of the movies will love it, and those who see it without having seen the other films will also get a lot from it.

Avengers Assemble is a movie that stands to please on every level, a must see movie that will leave you anything but disappointed.

Have any thoughts on the film? Have your say below!


American Pie: The Reunion

The year is 2001, a young boy goes round his friends for a sleepover, all is normal until his friends older brother comes in from the video store with a film called ‘American Pie’. Hilarity ensues.

When I first saw American Pie, I was ten, and to a 10 year old boy the film is funny, more so for the slapstick quality to it. Then you grow up, you hit the age of 15, it all becomes so clear, the boy isn’t simply ‘dropping’ his pie on his lap, it was something far more sinister, and a lot funnier.

The reason I bring this up is because if American Pie: The Reunion, soon to be released in cinemas, and it got me wondering, will it still be funny? And more importantly, do we actually need another one?

I have grown up with the American Pie films, they have always been there, slowly decreasing in quality as the original cast became uninvolved with the franchise, only to be replaced with some relative of ‘Stiflers’ who bore no resemblance to the original character in looks or personality, and ultimately made everyone lose interest in the franchise.

Now the original cast are back, we can see what has happened to ‘Jim’ and the others now they are grown up.

Again this makes me think, will this be funny? Will we actually care?

What was once funny in the 90’s is not really seen as funny nowdays, times have changed, but has this film moved with it.

Judging from the trailer, sadly, the answer is no, ‘Stifler’ is still a sex obsessed jerk, ‘Jim’ is still an unconfident wreck and ‘Finch’ is still the posh, sophisticated cappuccino drinker, nothing seems to have changed.

Hopefully I’m wrong, I would like to be as I was always a fan of the previous films (excluding the additions like ‘Band Camp’ and ‘The Naked Mile’) and would very much like to see them return to their former glory.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to your next slice of American Pie, or do you simply not care? Sound off in the comments below!